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Thank you for donating! Final donation amounts:

Gigi's Playhouse - $271 = $542 with Royal American match!
FIRE Foundation - $390 = $780 with Royal American match!

With the holiday season upon us, Royal American would like your help showing support to two very special organizations. Gigi's Playhouse and FIRE Foundation of Greater Chicago focus on providing children with Down Syndrome and their families with life-changing experiences.

To show our appreciation, Royal American will match up to $1,000 of all funds raised through December 31. Whether big or small, we can't thank you enough for your contribution in helping us make a difference for others around the world and in our community.

Read more about the organizations below, and how you can show your support today.

Learn About the Organizations

Fire Foundation.

FIRE Foundation

The FIRE Foundation of Greater Chicago is an organization that focuses on creating a collaborative environment for children of all ages and abilities so they can share the same learning experience as students without disabilities. The importance of this inclusive approach is to allow children, like our Griffin, the opportunity to learn in the same school and classrooms as their friends and peers.

Please consider showing your support by donating to FIRE Foundation of Greater Chicago. Help give other children the same life-changing opportunity as our son, Griffin.

Please mention Royal American's name with your donation so we can match your contribution!

Gigi's playhouse.
Griffin with Nancy Gianni - founder of Gigi's playhouse

Gigi's Playhouse

Gigi’s Playhouse is an exclusive network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers with the mission of changing the way the world views Down Syndrome and sending a global message of acceptance for all. Through a unique playhouse model, GiGi’s Playhouse offers free therapeutic-based, educational, and career development programs for persons with Down Syndrome, their families, and the community. At dozens of locations throughout the United States and Mexico, life-changing services are offering to more than 30,000 individuals of all ages.

We are proud to support this mission of helping families and changing the way the world views Down Syndrome. Let’s change the world together!

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