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Should You Open a Window or Leave the AC On in Mild Weather?

With fall comes milder weather, which means you probably won’t have to keep your AC running to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home. But is it actually better to just rely on open windows for improved thermal comfort? Royal American Heating & Cooling, the trusted heating repair company in the area, answers this here.

When You Crack Open a Window

Turning off your HVAC system and opening your windows allows fresher, healthier air to enter your home, which helps lower your energy costs. But this also has a downside. Sometimes, it’s not just fresh air you’re letting inside your home. The damp weather typical in the fall season can increase indoor humidity levels, and if you live in a crowded, busy neighborhood, pollen, dirt, dust and other pollutants can come in through your open windows, as well.

Royal American Heating & Cooling, the area’s trusted AC installation company, suggests you open your windows only if it’s not overly cold or damp outside. In fact, you don’t have to actually open them all the way–just cracking them a few inches is enough to direct a pleasant breeze into your home. And if you absolutely have to leave a window open, make sure to open another one across the room for better airflow and circulation.

When You Leave Your HVAC System Running

Opening windows is all well and good, but it might be better to just leave your HVAC system on when the weather is mild. Think of it this way: leaving your windows open can cause your rooms to become overly cold. This offsets the energy you save when the weather outside is comfortable because your HVAC unit will then need to expend more energy to bring your home back to the desired temperature. Thus you should just keep your HVAC system running even in milder weather. This way, you can keep a more consistent, comfortable temperature inside your home and deal with less pollutants coming in from outside when you open a window.

To ensure your HVAC unit is in top form this fall, turn to Royal American Heating & Cooling for a tune-up. We’re not just your trusted AC repair expert–we can also handle your HVAC maintenance needs. Expect a safe, worry-free process when you work with us. We serve Melrose Park, IL and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (708) 928-8372 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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